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Below you will find a list of resources useful for listening classes. I will update this page as I find more resources. Feel free to add more resources in the comments! (Note, this page began as a post here.)

Authentic Listening Sources

  1. TED – interesting videos, subtitles, and transcripts.
  2. 5-Minute Lectures – University of Wisconsin-Madison short lecture series, no transcripts, unfortunatley.
  3. MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT lectures with video! Several even have transcripts and subtitles.
  4. RSA Animates – interesting lectures accompanied with really cool visual whiteboard art. Most have transcripts.
  5. Ignite – Short 5-minute lectures. No transcripts.
  6. Podbay – a site that links to hundreds of popular podcasts
  7. – lectures with powerpoint slides from a range of different disciplines; surprisingly accurate auto-generated subtitiles
  8. PBS Idea Channel – fascinating pop-philosophy videos at very fast speeds, no transcripts or subtitles

YouTube Channels with subtitled videos (originally posted by ELT Stories)

  1. Talks at Google – talks by authors, musicians, innovators, and speakers; most videos are longer than 45 mins
  2. Google Tech Talks – sharing information of interest to the technical community; ~15 min videos, ~45 mins videos, ~1 hr videos
  3. Toronto Public Library – various interviews, readings, and talks; short and long videos
  4. Storycorps – interviews and stories from the everyday lives of Americans
  5. THNKR – short videos on controversial but interesting topics
  6. TEDx Talks – independent TED style talks; ~15 mins or less
  7. TEDed – animated lessons from TED; ~5 mins
  8. Zeitgeist Minds – talks about society; ~20 mins
  9. Stanford Graduate School of Business – talks on business; over ~1 hr
  10. On Demand Entertainment – short interview with stars; ~3 mins
  11. Subtitled Movie Trailers – movie trailers with subs; 2-3 mins
  12. How It Should Have Ended – funny animations that mock popular films; 2-3 mins
  13. Honest Trailers
  14. On Demand News
  15. ASAP Science
  16. VSauce
  17. Numberphile
  18. Khan Academy – video lessons in a range of subjects
  19. Khan Academy Conversations – interviews with some famous people
  20. Crash Course

Dialects and Accents

  1. IDEA Dialects Archive – with transcriptions
  2. The Speech Accent Archive – with English and phonetic transcriptions
  3. 25 TED Talks by non-native English speakers

ESL/EFL Listening Sources

  1. LyricsTraining – awesome music-based gap-fill game
  2. News in Levels – world news stories told in three levels of English
  3. BreakingNewsEnglish – world news stories told in several levels of English, at different speeds, and sometimes with different accents
  4. FluentU – Short videos with interactive subtitles (they include picture vocab), transcripts, and vocab exercises
  5. EnglishCentral – Short videos with listening, vocabulary, and speaking exercises.
  6. ESL Podcasts – This is an actually an article linking to 12 different ESL podcasts. My students prefer ESL podcasts to authentic ones, for what are probably obvious reasons.
  7. Randall’s ESL Cyber Lab – a good source for various listenings with simple activities
  8. VOA: Learning English – news in Simple English, many stories with text
  9. British Council: Listen and Watch – videos and programs on a range of topics, with transcripts
  10. Spotlight English – a range of topics with transcripts
  11. Many Things – read along stories and news articles
  12. Lit2Go – a lot of older, public domain stories and poems with audio
  13. Ello – lots of stories with transcripts across many different levels and topics and with some simple exercises
  14. Share America – short listenings at the high-beginner to mid/upper intermediate level with transcripts. They also have some videos and readings. The site is meant to connect others to topics that Americans are interested in.
  15. ESL Video – Videos at different levels. Each video has quiz questions. This looks OK for self-study.
  16. Voscreen – this site uses short movie clips to make listening practice a game. It asks questions in students’ native languages, too.
  17. Warm Ups and Follow Ups – a blog offering short lessons using short video clips from movies. See also: Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals.
  18. Listen and Write – this is a dictation website that has great potential, though right now it is very messy.
  19. Agenda Web – Agenda Web has compiled and organized numerous links to different leveled listening exercises from around the web.

Sounds / Phonetics / Phonology

  1. Forvo – user submitted recordings of individual words and phrases
  2. The Color Vowel Chart – great interactive vowel chart for American English vowels
  3. Sounds: The Pronunciation App – Great app from Macmillan for learning sounds and IPA
  4. Sounds of Speech – animations and examples of American English sounds
  5. Fonetiks – online pronunciation guide to nine different dialects and accents
  6. Learner’s Dictionary – offers simple definitions with accompanying audio and IPA
  7. Manners and Places of Articulation – explanations, images, videos, and more

Many thanks to Nathan Hall, David Shaffer, and Mark Arthur for their suggestions.


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