LIEC Magazine Projects (Fall 2013)

This semester, like last year, Low-Intermediate English Composition students took their hard work and transformed it into beautiful magazines. At the beginning of the semester, students made groups and decided on a broad magazine theme. Topics included music, fashion, health, travel, Korea, and men. Throughout the semester, all student writing assignments had to fit within their selected themes. At the end of the semester, students took their informal (unrevised and unassessed) and formal (revised and assessed) writings, added some creative elements, and made magazines to display their hard work. Students made beautiful, printed copies for others around the school to enjoy. They also created PDFs. I invite you to browse the magazines and leave any comments about the students’ work!

Research Paper Summary Video Project

The overall goal of my Advanced English Composition (Fall, 2013) course was to learn the necessary skills needed to research, analyze, and write a well-argued research paper – a task my students had never attempted. Among the different assignments in my course, students had to write a group research paper and a final independent research paper on a topic of the students’ choice. For the final assignment, I wanted students to celebrate and share their hard work with their classmates; I wanted to give them an more meaningful outlet for their work than just a paper for the teacher’s eyes. Last year, I had students do in-class presentations. I was really impressed with the quality of and response to them, but due to class size, could not complete them this semester. Instead, I found another way for students to present their work in a short amount of time. Inspired by the idea of pitches, I decided to have students create two-minute summaries of their research papers. I would then video record their summaries and splice together their mini-presentations to create a kind of research paper montage for each class. This ended up working much better than I thought and I think …click here to continue reading

Student Video Projects – Spring 2013

(This post is being published at the end of the Fall semester because I completely forgot to upload my students’ videos to YouTube in a timely manner. Sorry!) For the final project in my High-Intermediate English Conversation classes, students had to make videos that demonstrated the use of a number of lexicogrammatical items, pronunciation features, discourse markers, and other communication skills they learned throughout the semester. (You can see the detailed requirements here.) They then choose one of three themes, wrote scripts, and filmed their own short movies. I have been doing movies with students for a few years now, and the amount of hard work that students dedicate to these videos amazes me. I also think these projects are valuable for evaluating language skills (during script writing) as well as reinforcing language skills through repetition (filming and refilming takes) and meaningful usage. I hope you enjoy the videos!

YouTube Video Tasks – Performance Assessments

This semester in my Low-Intermediate English Conversation classes, students were required to complete two or more YouTube video tasks as a kind of interim and performance assessment. There were ~10 tasks, each representing a unit covered in the book. Students could choose the task they wanted. Each task required the authentic use of the unit’s language skills. Some tasks required simple diary-type videos. Others required more creative videos. These tasks served as performance assessments giving students meaningful practice of key language points while demonstrating competence in using the points themselves, and the points in proper context. I chose five exemplary videos that I really enjoyed (reposted with permission). Below is the video playlist. After the playlist is the list of student YouTube channels. Student YouTube Channels Note: some students may have deleted their videos and/or channels. Class 103 배성은 성다은 신선호 전원진 장창용 임은진 김소정 이상석 이은욱 이한결 정수철 김현지 손기태 이은미 최하경 황수빈 송가 Class 104 최풍성 김보영 조배식 윤동욱 이규옥 이인우 정창욱 김보혜 정혜리 배지현 박영금 강현정 최다정 이승익

Zombie Survival Guide for Yangun Middle School

This winter’s English camp theme was zombies! Students learned how to recognize, escape, and fight zombies. This was a great way to engage with English in a novel, interesting, and fun manner. We did all sorts of games and activities. Students also contributed to a zombie survival guide, inspired by Max Brook’s “The Zombie Survival Guide“. Check them out below! “Zombie Survival Guide” by First Grade Middle School Students “Zombie Survival Guide” by Second Grade Middle School Students

Endangered Species of Korea Project

All students in my second grade classes at Yangun Middle School had to do a group research project and presentation examining endangered animals in Korea. Each group was assigned an animal and had to introduce the animal and their habitat, their status, the reason they are endangered, and how we can help. I chose the best of the best and made the Endangered Species of Korea website to share this information with the world. Now there is another resource to learn about endangered animals in Korea! Good work students!

Student-made Music Videos

This Winter Camp, my classes made music videos! We copied the style of a very popular rock song: “Rockstar” by Nickelback. Students used their own cameras to record themselves and their friends all around school, and around town! The work was hard, but it was definitely fun. Please enjoy our videos! “Love Me” by Justin Bieber Download Original (245 mb) “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne Download Original (42 mb) “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift Download Original (47 mb) “Run Away” by Linkin Park Download Original (40 mb) “Let it Be” by The Beatles Download Original (31 mb) “Blowing Me Kisses” by Souljaboy Download Original (10 mb) “New Divide” by Linkin Park Download Original (22 mb)