Student Podcasts (Fall II, 2014)

For my advanced listening class this term, we used the Q: Skills for Success series of books. The level 5 listening book contained a number of radio interviews and podcast-like audio texts. I decided to use this format (which the students were familiar listening to) to structure their final project.

Students worked in groups, chose a topic they were interested in, and followed a lose format that included an introduction (discussing related news), a central discussion focused around an authentic media clip, discussion of interviews conducted with non-ELL students on campus, and a closing.

Some of the requirements include using only notes (and therefore not reading but actually having a discussion), using certain phrases and vocabulary, and holding discussions at an academic level (i.e. beyond personal experience).

This is the first time I had done podcasts, and while I liked it, I think it was too much work for the students in terms of editing and finding times to meet. That being said, having a recorded natural discussion allows for a great level of feedback on grammar, speaking skills, and pronunciation.

Please enjoy my students’ podcasts!