Project Hollywood: English Movie Making!

This summer, we had a two week-English camp at our middle school.  During this time, students wrote, directed, filmed, edited and starred in their own movies.  The theme was “The Classroom” and from there we got three great stories from the talented minds of these middle school students.  The work was hard.  Students came in an hour earlier than they were supposed to (8:00 am!), and usually left an hour later too!  But the work was worth it and now these students have learned how to make movies, improved their English, and had fun!  Please enjoy the movies!

English Summer Camp Movie Trailer – by Anthony Teacher

Class A – 3rd Grade

English Summer Camp – Class A Video Introduction – by Anthony Teacher

“After School” – A horror movie by Group 2

“Ulala Middle School” – A comedy by Group 1

Part 1

Part 2

Class B – 2nd Grade

“Krazy Klass” – A comedy

4 thoughts on “Project Hollywood: English Movie Making!

  1. jimmymac20 says:

    Anthony, what an absolutely fantastic job. I found this link on facebook. I’m obviously not one of your students but I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with this. My summer camp went well but it would have been much better doing something like this.

    If any of the summer camp students read this, well done! Your movies are excellent.

    • Anthony Teacher says:

      Thanks! I’m sure they appreciate it. This was the best camp I’ve done, and was really happy with how it went. I want to try something similar but different for my wintercamp. If you do something fun, let us know!

  2. pinkbobo0824 says:

    Wow, anthony teacher, I surprised. because it;s so funny and exciting. I wonder how can you make all this movie.What a amazing!
    Especially, I impressived was you in rest room broom on hand!!

    • Anthony Teacher says:

      Hi! Which movies did you watch? It was fun, but a lot of hard work. We had to start and stop the camera A LOT! If you want to know more, you should ask your friends who were in the movie. They did the most work!^^

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