LIEC Magazine Projects

This semester, Low-Intermediate English Composition students took their hard work and transformed it into beautiful magazines. At the beginning of the semester, students made groups and decided on a broad magazine theme. Throughout the semester, all their writing assignments had to fit within the theme. At the end of the semester, students took their informal and formal revised writings, added some creative elements, and made magazines to display their hard work. Students made beautiful, printed copies for others around the school to enjoy. They also created PDFs. I invite you to browse the magazines and leave any comments about the students work!

Gone with the Movie Magazine PKNU Times Magazine
LIEC 101손윤진, 선시인, 박시영 LEIC 101김명혜, 천하나, 정연주 LIEC 101황준식, 배준혁, 김영
Soul WvaeMagazine Travel Mate Magazine Beatles Magazine

LIEC 101

박미진, 송주현, 전혜인

 LIEC 101김보미, 조지연, 임원주, 김정화  LIEC 102김현주, 손영은, 송유림
Movies Square Magazine PKNU Health Magazine Koreanism Magazine
LIEC 102김선아, 김은지, 최화희 LIEC 102황태현, 안준석, 박경남

LIEC 102

문지현, 임은진, 임은상

The Cine Magazine Univ.Trend Magazine  Savory Magazine

 LIEC 102

김태영, 이상아, 이지희

 LIEC 103

박미리, 서세라

 LIEC 103

김지은, 문수주, 정우영, 권중성

 Univ.Trend Magazine  Culture Magazine

 LIEC 103

김혜수, 배민지, 이윤경, 이채빈

 LIEC 103

김셰영, 고지환, Chen Peizhi,