Earth Day at Yangun Middle School

For this Earth Day (지구의 날), 1st year classes learned about some of the problems facing our Earth.  They studied decomposition (분해하다 ) of various kinds of trash.  Students recieved a timeline worksheet and laminated “trash”.  They had to place trash along the timeline.  They had to guess how long it takes for the trash to decompose.  Students were surprised by how long it takes for some things to decompose.  Here is what we discovered*:

  • Food Waste – 3-4 weeks
  • Plastic Bags – 20-30 years
  • Aluminum Cans – 80-200 years
  • Plastic Bottles – 400-500 years
  • Glass Bottles – 10,000 years**
  • Styrofoam – Never***

Afterwards, students worked in pairs to create a poster, giving advice on what we should do to protect the Earth.


Earth Day Links

*Sources from: GreenLiving, Pocket Guide to Marine Debris, Strange Trash Facts, and others).
**Many sources say it take 50-2000 years for styrofoam to degrade, but it only erodes.  It will never return to nature (eHow)
***10,000 years to 1,000,000 years.

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