About AnthonyTeacher.com

I started this website back in 2009 as a way to extend my teaching outside of the classroom and give students a place for interesting resources to help expand their English. Since then, it has grown into a reflective teaching blog, as well as a LMS (learning management system).

My blog posts usually pertain to teaching or language, though there are of course some random posts about life in general. The blog is aimed towards fellow educators, but there are resources for students as well. I hope to expand this section soon.

The LMS is really the heart of AnthonyTeacher.com. Each course I teach gets its own course homepage, and each course homepage has course tools such as syllabi, schedule, assignments, etc. as well as course-specific resources (e.g. grammar or vocabulary practice, related videos, etc.). There are even quizzes and discussion assignments.

I really enjoy and believe in the blog/LMS model for several reasons. LMS’s like Blackboard and Moodle are largely impersonal. They are straight to the point course websites which are largely impersonal. This is fine for most, and practical at a large scale, but I think that the blog/LMS model gives personality to the instructor and allows them to explore popular writing and professional development through blogging. Whether posting resources for colleagues, resources for students, or just pictures of cats, the blog/LMS combination is a way to further personalize the teaching/learning process.

This website is built on the WordPress framework with a layout completed designed by me. I learned a lot about WordPress functions and PHP. If something looks wonky or goes wrong, it’s probably cause I was tinkering under the hood and screwed up some code. This website is also constantly changing how it functions. If you want to leave any feedback, let me know using the contact link above!