The Best Online Dictionary: Learner’s Dictionary

There are a lot of dictionary choices on the web. Any student of English needs a good bilingual (e.g. English<->Korean, English<->Russian) dictionary, and a good monolingual (e.g. English-English) dictionary. My favorite monolingual online dictionary is Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary. I recommend this dictionary to students all the time. Here is why:

  • Simple easy to use website
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Simple to understand definitions with lots of examples
  • Easy to find phrasal verbs (e.g. come, come to, come about, come from)
  • Phonetic spelling and sample audio of American English and some British English terms
  • Important information such as word forms (more ~, most ~, ~ed, etc.), count or nouncount information, object or no object information, etc.
  • Save new words to a list (requires log-in)
  • “Word of the Day” feature (you can subscribe via email or follow on Twitter)
  • “Ask the Editor” feature which explains the difference between similar words, explains a difficult word, etc.

The Learner’s Dictionary is great. Give it a try!