Improve Vocabulary with WordAndPhrase

What does it mean to know a word? Do you know it’s meaning? Do you know its part of speech? Do you know its register (formal or informal) or connotation (negative or positive feeling of a word)? Is that enough?

Probably not. Words are usually not used alone. Words love other words. Words love grammar, too. What this means is, you need to know how a word is really used: what words are used with it (the collocations) and what form does the word usually take (the word’s grammar).

Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful sites that you can use to research or investigate vocabulary. is one of these sites. You can look up single words and find example sentences, common collocations, synonyms, and patterns. You can also analyze a text and find important academic words, which words are high or low frequency, etc. There are a lot of great features on this website, so to help you, I have created the video below. Please watch it and enjoy using WordAndPhrase!