14 Ways to Practice Speaking Online

Here are 14 great websites to practice speaking English online!  Make friends, find language partners, browse  language resources and more!

Language Exchange = 언어교환

  • SharedTalk: A language exchange for 113 languages. From the makers of the popular RosettaStone language learning software.
  • xLingo: A language exchange that lets users create and share flashcards with each other.
  • Palabea: Reviews of language learning software AND an online language exchange.
  • iTalki: A fun language exchange with chat, groups, classes, online help and more.  You can even tutor someone in your own language!
  • Huitalk: Forums, articles, vocabulary lists, and a language exchange using Skype.
  • Interpals: A large language exchange from a popular penpal social network.
  • Mixxer: A free language exchange using Skype built by Dickinson College.
  • TT4You: A free global language exchange site.
  • Language Buddy: A free language exchange with 115 supported languages.
  • Convesation Exchange: Text and voice chat, email, or face-to-face meetings can bet set up using Language Buddy to improve your conversational skills.
  • Lingozone: Build vocab skills by playing games like Word Ladder and Hangman, while making friends and practicing speaking.
  • Language Exchange Network: Very easy language exchange classified listings.
  • MyLanguageExchange: One of the oldest online language exchanges, it has over 1 million members speaking 115 different languages.
  • Language Exchange: A language exchange application for Facebook.

Adapted from Jason Catone’s 20+ Ways to Learn a Language Online

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