Derived Words / 영어 파생된 단어
Fabricated Words / 공 단어

Fabricated Abbreviations / 가공 약어
OK Konglish

Derived Words / 영어 파생된 단어
These are loan words – words borrowed from English – with altered meanings”).
한글 Real
English Word
진실의 영문
Korean Definition
한국 정의
English Definition
옳은 영어 정의
액세소리 accessory Koreans generally use that word to mean: jewelry extra parts, for anything, including jewelry, but not commonly used to mean jewelry
앵글 angle angle bar
the space between any two lines that intersect or come together end-to-end, relative to the 360° (degrees) of a circle.  I.e., an angle can be between 0 and 360 (exclusively).
본드 bond super glue any binding substance
부킹 booking introduction request at a night club making a reservation
버버리 Burberry overcoat or trench coat Trademark of light, long, waterproof coat
캔맥주 can maekju canned beer
(or can of beer)
can (n.) = metallic cylinder (not adjective)
사이더 cider sweetened soda water
(like the brand: 7up)
[in the USA.]
cider = apple juice, usually homemade, sometimes carbonated
[in the UK]
cider=alcoholic apple juice
[in Canada]
hard cider = alcoholic apple juice
soft cider = non-alcoholic apple juice
클락션 Claxon horn French name brand of hornsSo, it’s not Konglish, but rather Korench
클로버 clover clubs
(on playing cards)
a plant that has leaves with three petal-like appendages
콜롱 cologne after-bath splash
after-shower body perfume
men’s perfume
콤비 combi (~nation) sports coat (and trousers) any mixture
computer game video game PC game
콘도 condo time-share resort owned apartment
콘센트 consent electrical outlet permission
커닝 cunning cheating deception
데서트 dessert after-meal tea after-meal treat
다이어리 diary day planner personal journal
엔진이어 engineer technician technical person
이벤트 event promotional event(Note:  Koreans only use the word to describe some kind of promotional deal, and is extremely commonly seen on Korean websites. any activity, or happeningplanned or unplanned, usually involving more than one person.If you count participants and viewers,almost always involving more than one person
팬시 fancy fancy stationery extravagant (a.)
페미니즘 feminism women’s liberation
“women’s lib”
Movement, and..Sometimes:  Women-Better-Than-Men Movement
1. free-size
2. free ticket
3. free voltage
1) one size fits all
2a) all-rides ticket
2b) day pass
3a) one adapter – all voltage
3b) multi-volt ~
Free1 = without restriction
Free2 = free of chargeNOTE:  technically, “free-ticket” & “free-voltage” aren’t wrong, but the meaning is ambiguous in modern English
fusion intercultural making two atoms
become one atom
가글 gargle mouth wash (n.) to wash one’s mouth and throat (v.)
게이 gay male homosexual orig.=> slang: male or female homosexual
sometimes=> male homosexual
글래머 glamour buxom woman fame and beauty
골던~ golden pants corduroy gold-colored (pants)
가운 gown robe [US]
dressing gown [UK]
gown = woman’s dress [US]
(There are two kinds:  a hospital gown, or an evening gown, which is a very formal dress)
깁스 “gyps” (gypsum) cast
(for broken bones)
white powder for making cast (CaSO42H2O)
헤어 핀 hair pin hair clip a pin for one’s hair
해머 hammer sledge hammer small tool for pounding
(much smaller than a sledge hammer)
핸들 handle steering wheel part of bag or door for grabbing
하이킹 hiking bicycling walking in the mountains
힢 / 힙 hip buttocks or “butt” sides of one’s pelvis
hit a popular product a popular song
호치키스 Hotchkiss stapler trademark of staplers
핫도그 hot dog corn-dog-style hot dog
(looks like a corn dog, but the batter has no corn in it)
a “frank” or “weiner” (sausage)
on a bun (bread)
헌팅 “hunting” searching for a mate searching for animal to kill
(note: we in the U.S. sometimes use thismetaphor, but I do not believe that is a conventional metaphor)
아이디 I.D. Username IDentification card
젤리 jelly gelatinous candy
sweet food, made from fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin
(differs from jam in that Jam has small pieces of fruit in it.)
클락션 Klaxon
horn “make”, i.e., name brand of horns (French)
라인 line managerial staff “line” has multifarious meanings:
see my polysemy page
매니큐어 manicure nail polish the service of having one’s nails polished
맨션 mansion luxury apartment building luxury house
미팅 meeting blind date business gathering
멜로~ melodrama romantic drama This genre (MELODRAMA) not only includes romantic dramas, but also all dramas that do not fit into other standard categories.  That standard categories are:
SCI.FI.DRAMAS (OR MELODRAMAS) contain stories about everyday life, AND include:  biographies, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, etc.
오늘 메뉴 eoneul menu today’s special menu = list of choices
미시 missy miss-like Mrs. a woman’s name (short for Melissa)
오바잇 overeat throw up; vomit eat too much
펜션 PENSION motel This word actually comes from French, meaning: boarding houseMy SourceSo, it doesn’t really belong here, but it is noteworthy because in English the word has a different meaning.  In English, “pension” means, payment to retired persons.
피에로 Pierrot Clown This is NOT Konglish, it is KORENCH, I felt it worthwhile mentioning it here, because many Koreans think it is English.
In France, Pierrot was the NAME a kind of pantomime clown, and comic character.
포클레인 Poklain (in North Amer.) Backhoe,
(in the UK) Excavator
“make”, i.e.,
(company name)
팝송 pop song English song popular song
(any language)
전자 레인즈 jeon-ja range microwave oven a “range” is a stove for cooking
(there are two kinds of ranges:  a gas range or an electric range)
리셉션 reception backstage party a party for receiving a VIP
a party for receiving gifts
리본 ribbon bow material to make bows
퀴즈 quiz any of various verbal puzzles a short test
sack back pack kind of bag
(usually with open-top and usually without handles)
서비스 service free of charge
“on the house”
1. help (n.),  OR…
2.  repair work
섹시 sexy slutty, loose
(note:  nowadays, some Koreans don’t think this way)
attractive; having sex appeal
샤프 sharp mechanical pencil not dull (a.)
스탠드 stand lamp leg-less table/counter
탤런트 talent TV star the person who is in front of the  video camera;
or [commonly] a skill(재능).
team group in a company (firm) that has a common goal ONLY sports group
타이핀 tie pin tie clip, tie pin ONLY PIN for tie
토스트 toast grilled omelet sandwich roasted bread
트레이닝 training sweat suit coaching
트럼프 trump playing cards
poker cards
highest suit of playing cards
(for the game called, “Bridge.”)
언더그라운드 underground under-appreciated music any  illegal activity or place
빌라 villa small-sized condominium
(usually from 3-5 floors,
two units per floor)
huge estate
(literally means:  “a mini “village,
owned by one person)
비닐 vinyl plastic kind of plastic
(usually for imitation leather)
요그릇 yogurt liquid yogurt (solid) yogurt
요플레이 Yoplait solid yogurt name brand of yogurt
와커 walker military boots a device to aid in walking
Fantastic Fabrication / Words that Mean Something Else / 공 단어
The individual words exist in English, but the phrases below do not exist in the English language.  This category of Konglish2 is the most intriguing of all.
한글 Fabricated Phrase
아시아에서 만든 구
Correct Phrase
옳은 구
애이 에스애프터 서비스 A/S (After Service) Warrantee Service
( = Free of charge)
( = Not free of charge)
아메리칸 커피 American-style Coffee Black Coffee
오토바이 Auto-bi~(ke) Motorcycle
백 미러 Back Mirror Rear-view Mirror
백 넘버 Back Number jersey number
캐시 코너 cash corner ATM
(Automatic Teller Machine)
더츠 페이 Dutch pay Dutch treat
눈 샤핑 eye shopping window shopping
게임 룸 game room video arcade
video game room
골던 볼 golden ball sudden death (in game)
헤이어 밴드 hair band head band
핸드 폰 hand phone [USA] cellular phone
[UK & US] mobile phone
하드 보드 hard board poster board
하이퍼 마트 hyper market grocery store
아이스 바 ice bar [USA] Popsicle (lollypop + icicle)
[UK] Ice Lolly (ice + lollypop)
인터 폰 interphone intercom
키크 보드킥 보드 kick board scooter
(non-motorized scooter)
킹 카 king car’
(abbreviation of “king card”
from a deck of playing cards)
“The pick of the litter”
“The cream of the crop”
라이트 코크 light coke diet coke
라이브 잉글리시 live English real-life English
맥가이버 나이프 McGuyver Knife Swiss Army Knife
멤버 아이디 Member ID (online) Username (online)
모닝 콜 morning call wake-up call
엠티 (엔 티) M.T. (Membership Training) club meeting or
club initiation = first club meeting for freshmen
네임 카드 name card business card
오피스텔 office-tel(office + hotel) I originally wrote: does not exist in America, BUT IT DOES, we just don’t have a name for it that I know of… Usually, the first floor consists of offices or stores, while the upper floors consist of apartments or condos
원피스 (원 피스) one-piece dress
오펀 카 open car convertible car
팬티 스타킹
팬티 스토킹
panty stockings panty hose
포켓 볼 pocket ball pool [American game]
사구 4-ball billiards [UK game]
셀프 캐메라 self camera home video
amateur video
셧 바지 (셧 팬츠) short pants (Konglish?) [in U.S.A.] shorts
솔로 크리스마스 Solo Christmas[I saw this on a Korean website, and it might not be Konglish.  It could be a kind of ‘code-mixing’ (i.e., a mixture of Spanish (solo) and English (Christmas).  Interesting combination for Koreans, though, wouldn’t you say?] Hmm.  How do I correct this?  I know what it means, but…Maybe…Solitaire Christmasmeaning: Alone during Christmas
스포츠 댄싱 sports dancing ballroom dancing
(for competition)
비티아 VTR VTR stands for “Video Tape Recorder”  but in North America, we say “VCR”, which stands for “Video Cassette Recorder”
와잇 데이 White Day (there is no White Day in the West)
양싯 Yang Seat
/ jang it /(I think “Yang Seat” was the intended Konglish, but it is impossible to write “Seat” in the Korean phonetic system, so what you get is something that sounds like “Yang Shit”.  Incidentally, Yang means sheep, so if you are bilingual, you hear “sheep shit”.)  [I saw this advertised on a Korean website.]
Sheep Skin Seat Cover(for one’s car)
와이 셔츠 “Y” shirts dress shirt(s)
Fabricated Abbreviations / 가공 약어
I think that the words/phrases on this list mostly originate from “Jinglish” (Japanese-ized English), but I could be wrong about that.  I know that some do originate from the Jinglish, or Japlish such as “air con”.
한글 Abbreviated Expression
단축된 표현
Correct Expression
옳은 표현
에이 에스 A/S After Service
(see also Fabricated Konglish list)
에이어 콘 Air Con Air Conditioner
오라이 All ri
(only said when guiding a person backing up a car)
All right
(said any time something is O.K.)
앵글 angle angle bar
아파트 Apart Apartment Building
(There are many apartments in one apartment building)
백 댄서 back dancer backup dancer
백 뮤식 back music background music
백 싱어 back singer backup singer
볼펜 Ball Pen Ball Point Pen
밴드 Band Bandage (or Band Aid)
카세트 cassette cassette player
센치 centi

/ sen i /
시 에프 C.F. commercial (film)
클래식 classic classical music
클맆 clip paper clip
코팅 coating plastic coating
(also: lamination)
콤비 combi
(meaning sports coat & trousers)
combination (see also verbicide list)
크레이파스 cray-pas
(this might be correct)
crayon + pastel
(I’ve never seen anything like it… it really is a hybrid of a crayon and a pastel stick)
크림 샌드 cream sand cream sandwich
큐빅 cubic cubic zirconium
(also: c.z., or zircon)
디비 D/B Database
디시 D/C discount
데모 demo demonstration (protest)
다큐 / 도큐 docu documentary
더블 재켓 double jacket double-breasted jacket
드라이버 driver screw driver
에로 ero (movie) erotic movie
플래시 flash flash light
프라이 팬 fry pan frying pan
게임 룸 game room video game room
핸디 handi handicap (for golf)
헤스 health health club
홈피 homepi homepage
엘티 L.T. Leadership Training
매직 Magic Magic Marker
(permanent marker)
미션 mission transmission
나이트 night night club
노트 note notebook
오디 O / D Owner-driver
오에이츠피 O.H.P. Overhead Projector
오에이 O / A Office Automation (equipment)
오티 O / T Orientation
오무라이스 omu-rice omelet + rice
펑크 punc puncture (flat tire)
레미콘 remi-con ready-mix concrete truck
리모트콘 remote con remote control
레즈 res resort hotel
네포츠 le-ports leisure sports
셀프 self self service
에스에프 S.F. Science Fiction
“Sci. Fi.”
스폴렉스 spo-lex sports complex
스테인(레스) / 스테잉 stain(g) stainless steel wares
티피 T.P. transparency (paper)
[for Overhead Projector]
텔레비 televi television
~팅 ~ting meeting (see verbicide)
트랜스 trans transformer
트랜스 trans transvestite / transgender
트로트 trot foxtrot
화이트 white white out (correction fluid)
wrap plastic wrap
Konglish that is OK and easy to understand.

한글 Word or Phrase Notes:
바이 바이 bye bye Koreans use this parting indiscriminately, but in America, it is considered a child’s parting or intimate couple parting.
콘디션 condition Koreans use this word to refer to their body’s condition.  So, it’s partially correct.
스태미나 stamina Koreans use this word to refer to sexual stamina.  So, it’s partially correct.
티밍 timing
머플러 muffler UK English (in US, we say “scarf”)
보냇 bonnet (of an auto~) UK English (in US, we say “hood”)
빤스 pants
{Koreans say: BBans (same as Japanese pronunciation)}
UK English (in US, we say “underpants”)
패밀리 네임 family name UK English (I’m guessing), for in US, we say “surname” or “last name”
check(s) UK English (in US, we say “checkered pattern”)
소파 sofa orig: Arab word: suffa, then French word: sofa
English “borrowed” the word from French
다이엇 / 다이엣 diet
스토브 stove Koreans use the original meaning of the word, i.e., heater, which is still used, but we usually identify it by saying
Franklin Stove.But, modern U.S. English has changed from the original meaning… nowadays there are two kinds of stoves for cooking:  a gas stove and an electric stove.
와인 wine
아이스 크림 ice cream
컴퓨터 computer
모니터 monitor
하드 드라이브 hard drive
시디 CD
키보드 keyboard
디스크 disk (floppy disk)
바겐 세일 bargain sale
비디오 video short for “video cassette”
모텔 motel
호텔 hotel
프로젝트 project
디제이 DJ
엠시 MC
캔바스 canvas
페인트 paint although the Korean definition generally refers to industrial type paint, not artist paint, nor make-up paint
인터넷 internet
웨브사잇 website
홈페이즈 homepage

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