TEDTalk: The Power of Smiling

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  1. How often do you smile?
  2. What makes you smile?
  3. According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?

32 thoughts on “TEDTalk: The Power of Smiling

  1. Dan Jeong says:

    1. I don’t know how many times I smile per day. Probably less than 200times per day and it depends on situation like being with friends, watching some comedy programs on Tv, being drunk which make me smile
    2. when watcing something funny on TV, smiling babies and getting praises and high score of tests, I laugh. Personally when I and my friend see a pretty girl somewhere, and then unconciously turns our faces to each other, we know that we’re smiling which is, I guess, same as all men.
    3.The benefit of smiliing is to be able to feel better. To be specific, by seeing other people’s smiling, it’s hard for people to show frown face to them, even make people look good. Anthoer advantage is to reduce stress, pressure which make people live longer and happier.

  2. david3715 says:

    1.i think how often i did smile but if i think that, the number of smile will be 10 times a day.
    2.what make me smile is my sweat heart.
    3.accoridng to the speaker, the benefit of smiling is to make lauging people live longer than well-non- lauging people.

  3. lew0520 says:

    1. Well ;) It`s a quite tricky question to answer. Because no one counts it. Haha, I believe I smile more than average person. Approximately…100 times? well I don’t know. But I smile a lot.

    2. This question made me ponder what things revolve around my recent routine. Those things probably influence me to smile or frown. Hanging out with my friends, knocking off classes for lunch and watching funny TV programs make me smile. There must be much more. Rely on days.

    3. Above all, a short sentence straightly made me nod at it without a second of hesitation. According to the speaker, the span of a person’s smile could actually make effect on the person`s life span. I totally agree on it because although a frown can`t decide our future, that frown could continuously provoke a vicious circle. It could cause mental desease or something terrible. Besides, Smiling makes us good look. Including these, there might be far more of advantages

  4. 은진 임 says:

    1. Pehaps I smiled about 100 times a day. I think i’m good laugher.
    2. Whenever I meet people, see a cute baby, come back home after studying hard in the library and good weather.
    3. According to the speaker, benefits of smiling is that it rise hormones such as endorphins, lower overall blood pressure and stress. Smiler seems to be polite and competent. Above all, Poepe can eat high-calorie chocolate bar, that is good. :D

  5. lovehot0104@naver.com says:

    1. Maybe, although I have never counted, lately I can’t smile over 20 times a day that were told in this video. It’s regretable.
    2. Why have not I been smiling recently, I recognized the relationship with people makes the smile. After the first semester restarted, I rarely meet people for studying.
    3. There are many benefits like looking good and competent in smile. The largest feature are two. You can have a long life and feel more happy. Perhaps I think it’s the most important things

  6. Dean1702 says:

    1.How often do I smile….well It would be much easier to ask me how often to I not smile
    2.The things that makes me smile, is food actually. Or perhaps music. I was weighted over nearly a 240 lb. and it also gave me a so much stress. And whenever I get stress, food was the medication for it. And ever since then, I eat whenever I get stress or feel gloomy.
    3.According to the speaker, it is very difficult to frown when looking at someone smiles. That means if you smile very often people around you could give you a positive benefits. Like good relationships between you and also other people around you.

  7. jeong hye ri says:

    1. I don’t count how many I smile a day. but I can be sure that I smile much more than other people averagely. The I am sure is that I am good at smiling based on my routine.

    2. what maked me smile is my friends , favortite things and the time when I am impressed from somethings. whenever I meet my friends at class room or on the street, I always greet them with smiling. Also I smile by doing favorite things such as eating some food, watching the show programs.

    3. what the speaker said is about the benefits of smilng. the more people smile, the more people get good somethings like living longer, feeling better and success.

  8. Bohye says:

    1. Before I watch this TED, I think i smiled a lot in my daily. But honestly I smile less than 15 times per day.

    2. The most thing that makes me smile is my frineds and family. When I talk with them, I can find I already smile before I know. And when I eat sweets or chocolate I smile, watching comedy show on the weekend I laugh a lot!

    3. Smiling makes us healthier and live longer and spend happier life. It also control the hormone so it stimulate our organ that makes us happy.

    • Anthony Teacher says:

      You must smile more than 15 times a day. That is so little. I also smile a lot when I watch comedy shows like “Parks and Recreation”, “The Office”, “Workaholics”, “Archer”, etc. I smile even when I think about them. I also smile when I watch “Supernatural” because it’s my favorite show.

  9. 1206kh@naver.com says:

    1. I’ve never thought about this before because i didn’t care about smiling. So I tried to count how many times did i smlie yesterday. and it was about 50 times I guess. but it depends on the day.

    2. Usually I smile at friend’s joke, tasty foods. they always make me smile.

    3. According to the speaker, smiling makes you more healthier, looks good in other people’s eyes and reduce your stress, which means your life span is extended.

  10. plussniper says:

    1. I don’t now how many smile one day. I couldn’t smile much more anthoer people.
    2. I think that, I smiled meet the friends, go to the travel, watch the moive, and so on. Especially, When I watch the moive, I become movie character. It was a very different experience. I can enjoy it and smile. Many things make me happy and smile.
    3. Speaker says, smiling makes us feel so good, and more healthier, increasing endorphin, and so many good things. Smiling leads an wealth life.

  11. guswl437 says:

    1.I smile depending on situation. When I feel happy or good I smile lot but when I feel gloomy or sad I probabably won’t smile for a day.
    2.There are lots. For example I smile when I hear funny stories, good stories or something lucky thing happens to me or my friends.
    3.Smile can spread easily to close people it can make people happy, healthy, reduce stress and live a long life.

  12. Hankyeol says:

    1. I smile much more than others. People might think I’m having good news whenever they bump into me since I am smiling at that moment.
    2. In fact, there aren’t certain reasons I smile. I see the world in positive way, which means everything makes me smile, but especially my dog called hodu makes me smile mostly.
    3. The speaker says that those who smile a lot live longer than those who don’t. Smiling provides endorphins and reduces overall pressure. Also, you look good and competent when you smile.

    • Anthony Teacher says:

      I noticed you smiled a lot. You always seem happy to be in my class.

      Your dog’s name is Hodu, as in, 호두? Walnut? That’s very cute.

  13. kyouoak says:

    1. In fact, how we can count how many times do we smile a day. But I am a quite easy person for any situation. So I am probably smiling a lot more than the others.

    2. There’s no exact reason for smiling. But the most obvious thing to make me smile is the person who are with me at that time.

    3. According tothe speaker, the more we smile, the longer we can live. Smiling also can help the people relive from their stresses.

  14. In-woo says:

    1. I smiled a lot before I have a brace. My poker face, people said, is fierce so I try to smile. I don’t know exactly how many times I smile. About 50 times a day??
    2. There are so many things. I smile when I meet favorite friends, family. Above all, I smile when I can do what I like.
    3. According to the speaker, smiling makes people more healthier, happy. It also makes you look good and live longer. As a result, Smiling is good for us.

  15. emagnes@hanmail.net says:

    1. I think i am almost smiling except for terrible or tired situations. But it may be just my thinking.
    2. Hmm.. it makes me happy and smile to buy something pretty, talk with clese friends. I smile that i play with small and cute dogs too.
    3. smiling makes you show to be polite and capable. It also can reduce your stress so make you happy.

  16. sytolove says:

    1. It is up to what I do and who I see round o’clock. Instead of counting exact number of laughing, I could certainly mention that smiling outnumbers frowning based on self-satisfaction with my daily routine.
    2. According to the speaker’s idea, smiling is biologically basic part of human and I am thus able to make laugh with supply of something indispensible for life such as love, accomplishments and delicacies.
    3. Overall, smiling keeps us health mentally and physically by managing stress and reducing blood pressure. As well as health, it upgrades our image, creating likable appearance and confident attitude.

  17. coco2871 says:

    1.How often do you smile?
    - it’s up to situation but i always try to smile because when i smile, i feel happy
    2.What makes you smile?
    -my friends make me smile , when i talk about sth with my friends it makes me really happy and natually it makes me smile
    3.According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?
    -according to speaker, smile make u healthier and it can be happy and u can reduce stress by smiling :D

  18. chang uk Jeong says:

    1.As far as I am concerned, Approximately, I smile just over 30 per day.

    2.All of things make me smile. but first of all, It depends How I could accept anythings at that time.

    3. Smiling helps us to make be haelthy, seem like happy and, have a long life.

  19. Da jung Choi says:

    1. Well, I don’t know exactly how often I smile. Maybe more than 20times, I guess. But it depends on situation or my feeling.
    2. When I talk with my friends. Before I go to bed. When I see cherry blossoms with spring breeze. When I win at tennis game, etc.. Many things makes me smile :)
    3. According to speaker, smiling can make you more healthier, lower hormone that make your stress and reduce blood pressure. You can also appear to be polite and confidence when you smile.

  20. sally0197@hanmail.net says:

    1. It is diffrent according to my feelings, situations , but usually I smile more than 30 times in a day.
    2. Funny talk with friends, and a cute baby makes me smile.
    3. Smiling can make us healthy, lose our stress, and have long life. Also, we can seem fluent when we are smiling.

  21. Hyunjung Kang says:

    1. I laugh all the time except an atmosphere of solemnity. I like to laugh! It is hard for me to bite my cheeks if I see something funny.

    2. If I hear a funny story or see something fun and dirty..like dung, burp, bugger, etc. or someone who is falling, I break out in laughter. Yes.. I am a kind of alien..

    3. Smiling can actually make us healthier, help reduce the level of stress-enhancing hormones and blood pressure, look us good in the eyes of others and live longer.

  22. hwang soo bin says:

    1. After seeing this vedio, I count my smile per day. I guess, I’m not smile 20 times When I act alone all day. It is shocked!!

    2. I smile with my family and friends. We are simply talk and do not something funny but I feel happy and smile naturally.

    3. The speaker said smile reduce stress and make us feel better. It help people to live more longer and healthier. And smiling look so good, too!

  23. jeonwonjin says:

    1. Perhaps, I smile at least 50 times in a day. I try to laugh a lot.

    2. Friends makes me smile. I always feel happy and pleasant with friends without doing any special things.

    3. Smiling can make us healthy, help to reduce stress and blood pressure. Also, smiling make a favorable impression to others.

  24. yeong geum Park says:

    1. I thought about how many times I laugh. Maybe I smile little a day. I would try to smile more than now.
    2.I usaully smie when I am with my friends and my boyfriend. I smile when I am with my precious people. They only make me smile.
    3. The speaker said that smie can make me healthy like reducing my stress and it also makes me feel better.

  25. songge says:

    1. I think I can’t tell you how often I laugh, because I really like to smile.
    2. It is easy to make me smile. When I hear some funny jokes, I smile. When I get some gifts, I smile. When I talk something interesting with my friends, I also smile. Sometimes, I will smile without any reason.
    3. Smile will give people power to overcome their difficulties. And it can also make people feel warm, especially when they are in trouble, or feel lonely. However, smile is not only good to other people, it is also important for ourselves. I think when people smile, they will look like more beautiful and confident.

  26. Chang - yong Jang says:

    1. I smile every moment except when I’m tired and angry. Because my friends tell me when I have straight face, they feel that I’m upset as I have dark eyebrow and single eyelids. So I’m going to smile everyday and I do THAT.

    2. Beyonce’s songs make me smile. I am her big fan and her songs are very fabulous.
    Especially Halo, Beyonce’s most famous song makes me calm and smile when I’m upset.

    3. According to the speaker, smile makes people healthy and happy without any extra cost.
    Just we smile, we can feel better condition than we don’t smile.
    Also smile makes people live more longer.

  27. daeunha@gmail.com says:

    1. I think I usually smile because I already have known smile makes us happy.
    2. When I am with someone who I love, when I see pictures of them, when I am on the phone with them, when I listen favorite songs, when I have something what I like, l smile and other many situations and something what I like make me smile.
    And also I have a part time job at the movie theater so I should smile all the time and of course I really enjoy that.
    3. Smiling make us happier, healthier and it is better than chocolate to make us happy.
    smiling can actually make you look goodin the eyes of others. smiling is as stimulatingas receiving up to 16,000 pounds Sterling in cash.

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