TEDTalk: The Power of Smiling

Watch the following video and answer my questions in the comments.
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  1. How often do you smile?
  2. What makes you smile?
  3. According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?

23 thoughts on “TEDTalk: The Power of Smiling

  1. hyesookim says:

    1. I am not sure, but I think I smile more than 5 times a day.
    I tried to have a smile, although my feeling is bad.

    2. When I eat food, when I meet my lovely boyfriend and when I am playing with my pet,
    it makes me smile.

    3. smiling can actually make you healthier
    can help reduce the level of stress-enhancing hormones like adrenaline, dopamine
    increase the level of mood-enhancing hormones like endorphin
    reduce overall blood pressure
    can actually make you look good

  2. bluesky says:

    1. I’ve not counted how many times I smile a day.
    However, if I guess the number, it may be about 50.
    I spend many time on meeting with my friends, and I like having a conversation with them.
    They always make me smile, so I smile so many times in a day.

    2. I have many things which make me happy. For example, family, pets, TV show, music, friends, delicious food, nice weather, and so on. Like this, almost all things around me can be the causes of smile in my case.

    3. The speaker said that smiling is good for one’s health and appearance.
    To talk about the former, smiling reduces the hormones increasing stress, and increases good hormones making people feel better like endorphins.
    Next, smiling reduces the blood pressure. Finally, smiling can lengthen one’s life.
    In addition to health, smiling influences one’s look. Smiling makes a person look competent and likeable. Therefore, smiling is beneficial to both of one’s inner and outer parts.

    • Anthony Teacher says:

      You sound like a very happy person. That makes me smile! :)
      Something I like more than smiling is laughter. I wonder if research shows that laughter positively affects us too.

  3. dayoung says:

    1. I think it could be about 10 times a day.

    2. when I meet up with my friends, when I eat delicious food, when I date with my boyfriend. Those things make me smile.

    3. The speaker said that smiling makes you much healthier and reduces the level of stress-enhancing horemones like cortisol,adrenalie,dopamine and increases the level of mood-enhancing horemones like endorphin and reduces overall blood pressure. Moreover, smiling makes you look good in the eyes of others. when you smile, people think you are polite and more competent.

    • Anthony Teacher says:

      “Smiling makes you look good in the eyes of others.” This is very important, especially for job interviews and making new friends!

  4. Kang Donghun says:

    1. I don’t know exactly but I guess that I smile 5~10 times.
    2. When I meet my friends and I play baseball with them, I smile. And also I do when I watch gag show.
    3. At first, the speaker said that if we smile we live longer than no smile. Second, because smiling makes us healthier, sometimes it is used to induce sick people. Third, if we smile, we use facial muscles. That’s why our brain is developed. Forth, because smiling is contagious, it makes other people smile. Finally, smiling makes our life happier than now.

  5. dayeongkim says:

    1.I always try to think everything,positively and delightfully.So I smile more than 20 times a day.

    2.Daily life gives me a smile.For example, chatting with my friends,taking a rest with my family
    in warm and comfortable house,eating delicious food,basking in the sun…etc.

    3.The speaker said that several benefits of smiling.The first benefit is smiling is good for your
    health.Smiling not only reduces the level of stress-enhancing horemones like
    cortisol,adrenalie,dopamine but increases the level of meed-enhancing horemones like
    endorphin.Also,smiling reduces overall blood pressure.And the second benefit is smiling is good
    for your appearance.Smiling gives you politer and more competent apperance.

  6. taesoojeong says:

    1. I meet my friends everyday. whenever I talk with them, I smile! I can’t count! If i know that exactly, I feel i’m a robot!
    2. On the way to buffet and when i call to my family and i say hello to someone, i smile!
    3. Smiling makes someone appear to be more likable, courteous and competent. Smiling also reduce our stress.

  7. Jacob says:

    1.How often do you smile?
    2.What makes you smile?
    3.According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?
    1. I think I more often smile than other person. Actually, so many people who I meet generally say that I’m a smile boy and whenever they meet me, I make them happy and feel very good. I think making a smile often can make us look more elegant and luxurious in terms of many situations and atmospheres(or mood).

    2. In case of me, everything can be a trigger for making me smile. The reason why I say like this way is because I tend to look at something on its own way. (When I look at something or think about it, I usually don’t wear any kind of glasses that can make me see something with distorted eyes.) So, to me everything or everyone seems to be able to be loved and welcomed. That’s why I cannot help but smile and keep smiling. Can this be an answer to that question? I’m not sure…

    3. According to the comment of the speaker, we can make us healthy and rich simultaneously by just smiling. In addition, there are a great deal of benefits which are described at the above video. The most important thing is that we can expand our life span if we smile often.

    Don’t worry, be happy. It will be yourself, I belive.

  8. juhyun says:

    1. I haven’t counted the number of that exactly, but I probably smile about 20~30 times a day because I’m positive and carefree.

    2. When I have a chat with friends, I watch fun TV programs, and I eat delicious food, especially meat, I smile!

    3. This video showed some benefits of smiling. First, smiling make you healthier. Smiling can reduce the level of stress-enhancing hormones and increase the level of mood-enhancing hormones. It also reduces blood pressure. Second, smiling can make you look good in the eyes of others. You appear to be have good manners and more competent.

  9. gyongnam4505 says:

    1. How often do you smile?
    I have never count the number exactly but i guess 15 times in a day?
    i think i smile on weekend twice than weekday.

    2. What makes you smile?
    Hmm… a funny situation, funny joke or conversation i think
    when i go to bus stop if bus is come to right now i am smile and think that god is exist!
    and a television show like Running Man(SBS), Infinite Challenge(MBC) and Come To Visit(MBC) is make me smile. I like the gag style of 유재석!!
    and sometimes laziness makes me smile like saturday or sunday morning! haha
    and when i imagine a funny situation or funny joke i am smile myself.

    3. According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?
    Smile is not only expression but also root of the happy life.
    it’s worth of 25000$ and a mountain of chocolate!
    Smile can make myself happy and married life more exciting!
    when you smile people think that you are not crazy but are capable and gentle!
    I want to be a man looked friendly! Smile~ :)

  10. baeksion says:

    1.How often do you smile?
    : i smile very often… maybe over 20 times a day………

    2.What makes you smile?
    : when i eat somethin’ after skippin’ my breakfast, i hook up with my falles and talk with
    anthouny so on, i makes me smile :)

    3.According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?
    before i comment , ted who speeches’ pronouncation is very funny. like Ted said, smiling is very important thing. Absolutely smiling has benefits 5 times as precious as money or health : wealth, health, and even our relationship.

    actually i had a chance to watch dacumentary whose title is ” SECRET”, which message was thinking postively and leads us to being richer. like that smilin’ basically comes from thinkin’ postively. it ain’t different from that. much healthier, more succesful

    very simple…. really simple

  11. Zhang Jiaoyang says:

    1: I smile everyday… And every hour.

    2: When I think of something funny ,hear good news, eat with my family or friends, see beautiful scenes, I will smile. And sometimes others’ smile can make me smile too.

    3: Accordig to the speaker , smilling can make us feeling better and healthier, and can make us look good in the eyes of others. Also, if we want to be look great and competent, reduce our stress, or imprive the marriage, smile can helps us a lot!

  12. forest9027 says:

    1. How often do you smile?
    I am not sure how often I smile but I think I do more than 20 times. If I don’t smile, I feel uncomfotalbe when I meet a new person. Smiling makes people relax.

    2. What makes you smile?
    There are lots of things that make me smile. Specially my baby. She is just 15 months. When she smile, I smile too. And when I have very delicious food, when I see handsome guy like my husband and wath the funny TV show.

    3. According to the speaker, What are the benefits of smiling?
    Smiling make you healthier- reduce blood pressure, stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine and increase endorphin. One smile can be same level of 2000 Choco bar and 16000 pound by cash. And also it makes you look good and competent.

  13. bkbk says:

    1. How often do you smile?
    well, it depends on the day or my feeling of the day. haha i’ve never counted such things..
    but since i wonder how many times do i smile, i will count on it someday haha
    if i have to number right now, maybe15 times.

    2.What makes you smile?
    when i finally achieve somthing, or i taste really delicious food, i smile.

    3.According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?
    it increases good hormones to keep us healty.
    and it also gives us longevity and beauty
    also it is worth as much as the best chocolate we can taste(actually, i couldnt get this chocolate part very well ;( )

  14. kim sujeong says:

    I haven’t counted them so I don’t know how many times I smile. But I think maybe about 10 times per day.
    As he stated in the video, I smile at children, who I could encounter on the road or somewhere. I think they have contagious and pure smiling. Also, I smile when I am talking with my friends who always smile at me or say interesting things. Of course, when there are some delicious dishes in front of me,I smile as well.
    Smiling is contagious so makes many people happier.
    That makes people healthier as well. (helping reduce the level of stress-enchanting hormones, increase that of mood-enchanting hormones, and reduce blood pressure.)
    Also, that makes people look great in the eyes of others. People who smile seems to be more likable and competent.
    To sum up, Smiling has superpowers.

  15. Minkyong says:

    1.How often do you smile?
    - I did not count it. I guess that I smile almost half day becaus my friends offen said to me “You are allways smiling”. I agree with my friends.

    2.What makes you smile?
    -My friends, family, dramas, tasty foods, cherry blossom, cancelling a class, icecream, and all things. I think every thing can make me smile on the situation.

    3.According to the speaker, what are the benefits of smiling?
    first, Smiling can make people healthy so people can live long time. second, We can feel good hummor just smiling. third, smiling can stimulate brain. finally,The smiling person makes other people smiling.

  16. sophie08 says:

    1. in a day, I guess 6~7times or more.

    2. When i meet someone and chat with them, I feel happy and satisfied.
    They or that atmosphere makes me smile and laugh

    3. If you smile a lot big times then you would live longer than others and you would live successful and satisfied life than others..

    I don’t know why the others wrote that long but… this is it
    My answer to the questions you gave

  17. joyjoy4741 says:

    1. I always try to smile. So I guess that I continuously smile when meeting with friend.
    2. I smile when I eating delicious food, such as chocolate, candy, melon. And I frequently smile when I talk with friend. Also good weather is smiled to me.
    3. According to the speaker, smiling make healthier to people. It can reduce negative hormone, increase positive hormone. So people feel happiness, pleasure. As a result, smiling can produce our span length.

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