Your Grades: Assignment One, Lesson Plan One, Your Video

Assignment One and Lesson Plan One are now graded. You can find your papers below. Please read through your paper, as I have left numerous comments. After checking your grades, please complete the Mid-Term Survey.

Assignment One:
XXXXXXXX = your student ID.
Your grade is at the top. My comments are below and throughout your paper.

Lesson One:
XXXXXXXX = your student ID.
Your grade is on the last page. My comments are throughout your file.

Your Video: (right click, “Save as…”)
XXXXXXXX = your student ID.
Each file is between 300 and 500 mb. If you would prefer to use your USB, see me after class.

If you have any trouble, please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Your Grades: Assignment One, Lesson Plan One, Your Video

  1. 김 영주 says:

    Hi, Anthony, how are you doing today? It’s already evening coming around. Maybe I should ask you, “how was your day?” Hopefully you had a good day. The reason why I’m writing here is that I could open the file of lesson one and saw your feedback and the grade but the file of assignment and video is not open. What can I do? I will be desperately waiting for you reply. If you solve this question A.S.A.P., I really appreciate it. Thank you……*^^*

  2. 김 영주 says:

    I really thank you for all your work. I can tell the amount of your endeavor grading all the students’s acheivement. I ‘ll do my best to be a good student and a good teacher, too. THank you again!!!

    • Anthony Teacher says:

      Thank you for your kind words!
      I realize I gave a lot of work this semester, so I will have a surprise or two for the class on Monday.
      Next semester, I will give less work.
      Your kind comments keep me going though. Thanks again!

  3. khjang4u says:

    Anthony, How’s your weekend?
    I cannot open all of the files. Please, check it and let me know how to do it.
    Thank you so much for your help! See you tomorrow :-)

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