Up or Out? Career Growth and ELT

Is it up or out?
Who keeps moving the cheese?
Is it possible to climb the ladder?
Is the classroom as good as it gets?
How do you know when to jump ship?
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
What’s the shelf life of an English language instructor?
Even if you break through the glass ceiling, what’s on the other side?

4 thoughts on “Up or Out? Career Growth and ELT

  1. Kamila says:

    Good questions. I left the board twice – once a big mistake, swapped the board for administrative work. Never again. Second time, I worked for the Czech News Agency for two years translating Czech(o)Slovak news into En. Loved it. I guess it appealed to my 50 pct introverted self. For the past six years, happily teaching EN to Czechs and CZ to anyone who wants to learn it. Def wouldn’t want to become a TT. Happy with things, just wishing for less commute, better rates and working hours. I don’t think there is a ladder for Ts. This is it. Teaching those who need a teacher. Good enough for me.

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