Research Bites Now Has Its Own Site!

Research Bites, a series I started on this blog in order to share concise and teacher-friendly summaries of ELT research, now has its own site: The new ELT Research Bites is a collaborative effort between myself, Mura Nava of EFL Notes, Clare Fielder, and others based on Twitter and around the ELT blogosphere.

While I will still be writing research-based posts on this website, (Is it time for a new name? Suggestions welcome!), posts dealing specifically with summarizing single articles of research will be found on ELT Research Bites. However, the Research Bites posts I have already made will remain on this site permanently.

I look forward to contributing to ELT Research Bites, reading work by other contributors, and sharing interesting research with all those interested in language and ELT!

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