Listening in the Hot Seat: LyricsTraining

I love the reciprocal and unexpected nature of sharing. Several months ago, I gave a faculty presentation about listening skills and included a demonstration of using (If you don’t know about LyricsTraining, it’s a very fun gap-fill listening game based on popular music videos – students love it!). Usually I use it as part of student listening journals, but got a new idea from one of my colleagues the other day.

Several days ago, I passed by one of my colleagues classrooms and heard the song “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift being played and paused, played and paused. I was curious because a) I didn’t think this colleague was a swifty, and second, I was curious about what they were doing with this song. I asked them when I saw them in the office, and was told a very simple, whole class activity that I hadn’t thought of before.

The activity is a kind of “hot-seat” game in which there are two or more teams. A representative from one team comes up to the computer and plays the LyricsTraining game for 20-30 seconds (use a timer). After the allotted time, the game is paused and the number of correct words typed is tallied on the board. During their turn, students must listen to the song, can repeat it, and can have their teammates shout the word if they heard it. They are bombarded with the word on all fronts, so they are really in the listening hot seat! After their turn, a student from the next team comes up and so on until the song is done. The group with the most points in the winner.

I thought this was a great motivating game that got all students practicing specific listening skills. It seemed like everyone was 100% engaged. This would work well as an introduction to LyricsTraining, as a end of class treat, as a warm-up, or the beginning of a serious lesson focusing on some aspect of a song.

Do you use LyricsTraining? How?

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  1. David Harbinson says:

    Thanks for sharing. This looks like an awesome site to use in class. Nice-looking and easy to use!

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