I wrote a children’s book! “Molly’s Midnight Run”

coverA few years ago, at the height of my interests in all things zombie, I wrote a short story involving my daughter and some of the undead. A few months later, my wife hand drew images to accompany the text and we spent the next few months digitizing and coloring them in our free time. More months went by and we assembled them into several differently-formatted books, learning new software along the way. The book was sent out to numerous publishers with not even a rejection notice. So, I researched and test-printed numerous drafts of the book with numerous self-publishers, finally getting the formula right with Amazon’s Createspace.

Now, I’m a proud self-published author of a children’s zombie book! This book represents many things: my love of the undead, my wife’s unique artistic style, my daughter’s ability to survive the zombie apocalypse (it’s not a scary book, I swear), and much effort formatting pages and tweaking bleed margins.

The story is short, colorful, and cute. It makes a perfect bedtime read that will not induce nightmares but may inspire some self-reliance skills! Please check it out on Amazon. It would make a perfect gift for Halloween!

At right is the cover and below are the first two pages of the story:

Pages from MMR_Page_1 Pages from MMR_Page_2