How to get the latest journal articles in one place with Yahoo! Pipes

Note: This article assumes you have access to journal databases through a university library network. If you do not, the information about using Yahoo! Pipes may still be useful for combining RSS feeds of other sites.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, which could explain my lack of blogging and writing. I’ve been kind of addicted to reading. There are so many great people writing so many great blogs and sharing so many great articles. When I read, I like to keep everything together in one place, which is why I love Flipboard, and why I started ELT Magazine.

Most of my reading lately has been from blogs and news articles. However, I’ve been wanting more journal articles to read. I love journal articles, but I’ve never been good at browsing the journal sites. I just hear about an article or do a specific search via Google Scholar. Yesterday, I read an article on ProfHacker about using RSS feeds to stay up to date with the latest journal articles. I didn’t even know that journal’s had RSS feeds, so this was good news. If you use a feed aggregator like Feedly or other services, this is good news! Now you can keep up to date with the latest news. Problem solved.

However, I use Flipboard. I’m a Flipboard addict. I love the visual experience, which simple text readers don’t offer. But, I don’t like having a million feeds to check – Flipboard keeps each feed as a separate “magazine”. So, I wondered how I could combine all the journal article feeds into one meta feed? Enter Yahoo! Pipes.

Yahoo! Pipes is an easy to use web content aggregator and manipulator, and its simple to use. Basically, I enter the RSS feeds I want, connect them to an output pipe, and Yahoo! makes a meta-RSS feed that I can add to Flipboard. It also creates a small homepage where all the content is displayed, so I could also browse the latest articles on one website too.

Below are a list of common journals and their RSS feed addresses. Below that is a video showing how to use Yahoo! Pipes. Below that is an image of my pipe. You can check out my ELT Journal Pipe here. Feel free to add it to Flipboard!

Journal Article RSS Feeds


How to Use Yahoo! Pipes for RSS Feeds
(Note: You can skip the filtering step if you wish.)


My ELT Journal Pipe. The RSS feeds are sorted by publication date and then aggregated in one single RSS. I then add this to Flipboard.