20 Interesting Things about Anthony

Here are 20 interesting things about me:

  1. I lived in a tent for 6 months in North Carolina. I learned how to find edible plants and other primitive skills like making fire with two sticks or building a shelter from trees.
  2. I lived on a farm for 6 months in Tennessee. I learned how to make things from wood and grow vegetables.
  3. I lived and taught in Osaka, Japan for 6 months.
  4. I started driving when I was 15. My first car was a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra.
  5. I studied French for about 6 years. Je pense que je parle a petit de francais.
  6. I had three German Shepards when I was younger. King, Prince, and Bear.
  7. I love horror movies. The bloodier, the better. Especially zombie movies.
  8. I NEVER play games on my iPhone. I usually listen to music and read, A LOT.
  9. I know how to make wine, beer, mead, soda, and alcohol.
  10. I have a bucket list.
  11. I have eaten lots of animals: cow, pig, chicken, turkey, duck, goat, sheep, dog, snake, buffalo, water buffalo, possum, raccoon, deer, emu, ostrich, ostrich egg, tuna, otter, squirrel, alligator, armadillo, blue heron and bear.
  12. I want to have a small farm and fruit orchard with chickens, rabbits, and a milk goat.
  13. I want to get my PhD, soon. In applied linguistics or a related field.
  14. I like to study and write while listening to rock music.
  15. I love martial arts and martial arts movies. My favorites are: The Protector, King Fu Hustle, Enter the Dragon, The Last Dragon, Undisputed 2, and Bloodsport.
  16. I only like hot dogs with sauerkraut.
  17. I often listen to the French band “Housse de Racket“, the German band “Rammstein“, and the Polish band “COMA“.
  18. My favorite TV shows of ALL TIME include: The Simpsons, News Radio, Heroes, and Supernatural.
  19. Web design (with HTML, CSS, and PHP) and visual design (with Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas) are some of my hobbies.
  20. I like photography, but am not a good photographer. I shoot with a Sony NEX 5N. I would like to get a Sony NEX 7 or a Nikon D7000.

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